Stallion Services

Stallion Services

We offer a wide variety of services for stallions that stand on site with us, along with those who come as a ‘walk-in’

Having dealt with stallions across a wide range of disciplines we are well qualified to offer equine AI services to assist you with your stallion and your horse breeding programme. We have far reaching equine contacts, so we are also able to offer advice regarding marketing of stallions, information to help with choice of stallions and advertising in relevant areas



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we can provide expert veterinary advice to help you make the best decisions for your stallion. You are welcome to arrange a time to come and see us.

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We combine a passion for our work with technical expertise. You know that you are in safe hands with people who care.

Semen collection

  • walk in collections with 24hrs notice
  • chilled semen dispatched around the UK

Semen assessment

  • all semen processing and handling
  • semen assessment and motility determination

Semen freezing

  • All steps from semen collection to freezing and storage
  • Maintaining a bank of frozen semen allows competition stallions to offer breeding services whilst competing
  • Frozen semen lasts indefinitely

Equibreed Fact Sheet

To download a fact sheet for stallion owners, please click here.

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