Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

This is one of our core disciplines based on many years of experience

Results of embryo transfers vary depending on many factors - the age of the mare, the fertility of the stallion, the management of the recipients - but generally we have an embryo transfer success rate above 88%. You are welcome to visit us to see first hand the professional facilities we have and the care we take in managing the process.

What is embryo transfer?

The process by which an embryo is flushed from the uterus of a donor (genetically superior mare) and placed into the uterus of a surrogate/recipient mare.

Always happy to talk

Please feel free to make contact and we can talk you through the process and discuss your individual need.

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Why choose us?

We combine a passion for our work with technical expertise. You know that you are in safe hands with people who care.

What are the benefits?

  • the donor mare can continue competing
  • mares that cannot carry their own progeny (due to illness/physical problems) can have offspring
  • you can have more than one foal per year from a specific mare
  • smaller generational gap (mares can start breeding at 3yrs old)
  • greater options for stallion choices

Who provides recipients?

  • either you can source your own, or we can use one of ours
  • best mares are between 3-10 years old, good doers and easy to handle

How can we help?

  • we can be involved with the whole process or only part
  • we can help talk through the process and help you make the best decisions

How to get started?

  • contact our Office to register as a client and fill out the ‘Booking in form’
  • organise a Vet visit to take necessary swabs and bloods from the mare, and possibly complete a preliminary scan

Equibreed Fact Sheet

To download a fact sheet about embryo transfer, please click here.

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