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Research, Development and Study with Equibreed UK

We are committed as a team to have the highest level of training & research into new technologies and procedures 

Our dedication to equine reproduction services make us a hub for research, development and study into this area of equine veterinary science. If you are interested in working with us or you would like to know more about our plans, please contact our Practice Manager.

At Equibreed UK we are dedicated to staying ahead of the field in equine reproduction. We are experts in artificial insemination and embryo transfer procedures, it's what we do. In order to provide the best possible chance of foaling a future champion, we combine our team's expertise, knowledge and specialist facilities.

We are always excited to collaborating with others, be it in the UK or overseas, if you have a research project you would like to involve our team with please reach out to Amber directly for a chat.

To read more about our latest exciting advances in services: OPU &ICSI click here.


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