Stud facilities

Stud facilities

We are very proud of the high quality, modern facilities that we have is this beautiful part of the countryside

Equibreed UK operates from a purpose-built equine embryo centre at Beenham in Berkshire. Our modern facilities combine the highest standards of equine care with the latest developments in science and technology. 

What facilities do we offer?

  • round the clock care, 7 days a week
  • veterinarians on site; who attend all foalings
  • fully trained staff
  • American barn with foaling boxes
  • individual or group turnout

How do I get started?

Contact us and tell us about your requirements


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Foalwatch is overseen by a qualified Vet with many years of experience

Expert Care

It can be reassuring to know that your mare is in the most experienced hands during the birthing process. There is less pressure of having to sit up for nights on end and full Vet checks are performed on foals at 24 hours old.

Where to get started?

Call the office to register and book your mare in. Always allow sufficient time before your mare is due in order to get her settled on site- we usually recommend one month before the due date. We usually recommend that mares stay for 2 weeks after foaling.

Equibreed Fact Sheet

To provide you with more information, we have produced a fact sheet on foaling.

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