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Stallions available at Equibreed UK

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Having dealt with stallions across a wide range of disciplines we are well qualified to offer equine AI services to assist you with your stallion, and your horse breeding programme.

With far reaching equine contacts we are also able to offer equine AI advice regarding marketing of stallions, information to help with choice of stallions, and advertising in relevant areas.

Stallions standing on site and available  

We offer free advertising for stallions that stand in livery with us or we have strong contacts or offer collection services, or who have semen frozen at our facility from a number of notable polo and sport horse stallions.

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Equibreed UK Sport Horse Stallions Available

Equibreed UK Polo Stallions Available

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Additional options


  • we can dummy train your stallion for collection off a dummy
  • safer for stallion and less hassle when collections are needed



  • we stand stallions on site during the breeding season
  • we can offer assistance with breeding contracts
  • free advertising on our website to help increase exposure
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Stallion Viewings

If you have already made the exciting decision to raise a future champion but unsure about which stallion you want to choose why not contact our office team and arrange with them a viewing to help you decide which of our stallions at stud will best suit what you are looking for.

Why not browse our current stallions and services and visit our Stallion Services Page


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Contact us, we would love to hear from you.

we can provide expert veterinary advice to help you make the best decisions for your stallion. You are welcome to arrange a time to come and see us.

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