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All semen orders must be received by 9am the day before they are required, orders beyond this time are not guaranteed.

Semen orders received after 12pm on a Friday will not be actioned until Monday morning.

It is important to have finalised breeding agreements, nomination contracts, and ensure all paperwork is signed and fees paid before contacting us to ship semen.

We need written confirmation from the owner of the frozen semen before we are able to ship any semen, including the number of doses to be shipped.

Please encourage your vet to let us know when the mare is given PG or scanned in season, so that we can better schedule and prepare for collection and delivery of fresh semen.

No guarantees are given concerning the viability of the semen, or the outcome of insemination.

Any loss or damage from any cause, during its delivery, shipment or storage is the responsibility of the owner or their authorized agent, and the owner shall indemnify and continue to indemnify Equibreed UK Ltd from any claim, demand, damage, cost, expense, loss or liability including any legal costs on a full indemnity basis arising out of the delivery, shipping, storage and use of the semen from Equibreed UK Ltd. It is the responsibility of the Owner to insure the semen if they wish to do so. Please see our General Terms and Conditions for further details and information.

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If you have any questions regarding your order please contact us directly.

For any frozen semen orders please contact the Equibreed office team.

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