High Maestro

Sire: Open Maestro

Dam: Martini

Nomination Fee: £950

No Foal Free Return

Available fresh (UK)

High maestro was bred in 2010 in the UK by Gonzalito Pieres. His dam Martini and sire, Open Maestro have very special Ellerston genetics.

Martini (Sports Girl x Norman Pentaquad) has been played by Gonzalito Pieres for many years in all of the prestigious competitions and is part of the illustrious group of ellerston ponies including Dinghy, Claret, Elaborate, Sheltie and Cube. Open Maestro (Sportivo x Grappa Illustrada) has produced many successful progeny with fantastic temperaments.

High Maestro is a perfect type of polo pony, big body, short legs and strong hindquarters and a flawless temperament which he has passed on to all of his progeny.