Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos

Sire: Wembley 1

Dam: Cuartetera B05

Nomination Fee: £2000 (plus VAT)

No Foal Free Return

Available fresh (UK) & Frozen (EU)

Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos emerges as a shining example of equine brilliance, embodying the epitome of polo athleticism and intelligence.

The fusion of Dolfina Cuartetera and Wembley’s genetics in Dofina Cuarteto de Nos result in prodigy with a trainable disposition, a magnificent mouth, an incredible brain, and a massive capacity – all underscored by a calm and honest demeanour.

His lineage represents a perfect amalgamation of thoroughbred athleticism, endurance and the natural stop and turn, innate to the best polo ponies worldwide.

His current foals are embodying a captivating blend of movement and action with balance, and athleticism that fills us with immense excitement. The remarkable attributes of their predecessors’ shine through, manifesting in paralleled speed and power.

Handling pressure with calm and resilience:

Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos inherits the ability not only to handle pressure with ease but stay calm, reserved, and conserve energy for crucial moments.

His lineage ensures that he can reserve his energy for when it’s needed most, a trait indispensable in the high-stakes world of polo.

Thoroughbred Athleticism and

His natural stop and turn capabilities make him a standout in the polo world.

Desirable Characteristics for Polo:

For those seeking a pony with dynamic stop, turn and explosive power wrapped up in an easy-to-train horse for polo, Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos represents the ideal solution. His genetics promise a progeny that inherits these traits, ensuring success in the demanding game of polo.